Sierra Pippen: Wiki, Scottie Pippen’s daughter, Career

Have you heard of the person who rose to fame as the daughter of a famous athlete? But have you ever seen someone who rose to fame by engaging in deviant behavior and then ended up in jail?

I have another question for you. Have you ever met a celebrity who rose to prominence after her father abandoned her and only accepted her after a DNA test?

Isn’t this the worst punishment a father can give his daughter? However, one person rose to prominence by correctly answering all three preceding questions. Sierra Pippen is the person in question.

Facts Related to Sierra Pippen

Name Sierra Pippen
Birth Date 17 February 1995
Age 27 Years Old

Feet & Inches: 5’7

Centimeter: 170

Meter: 1.70


Kilograms: 55

Pounds: 121

Lbs: 121

University University of Iowa
Father Scottie Pippen
Mother Yvette De Leon
Half-Siblings Antron Pippen, Tyler Pippen, Taylor Pippen, Preston Pippen, Sophia Pippen, Justin Pippen, Scotty Pippen
Marital Status Single
Nationality American

Sierra Pippen, who is she?

Sierra Pippen is the famous NBA player Scottie Pippen’s daughter. The media focused on her because she is the daughter of the greatest American basketball player.

The irony is that the legendary basketball player refused to accept her as his daughter. Scottie questioned her birth and ignored his own blood.

Meanwhile, Sierra Pippen’s mother was unable to bear Scottie’s abuses against her and her adored daughter Sierra Pippen. Only after Sierra Pippen’s mother took Scottie to court and presented all of her DNA test results did he accept Sierra Pippen as his daughter.

Even the father-daughter team only lasted a few years. After Sierra was sentenced to prison for her bad behavior, Scottie found another reason to abandon her daughter. All of these lawsuits and DNA test results went viral on the internet, increasing Sierra’s popularity.

Sierra Pippen’s Childhood

Sierra Pippen was born in the United States of America on February 17, 1995, at North-western Memorial Hospital. Her birth was contentious in her family, and her parents divorced three months after she was born.

Scottie and Yvette De Leon are her parents’ names. They met at a basketball tournament and fell in love. The Pippens then decided to marry as a symbol of Yvette’s conception with Sierra. Scottie, on the other hand, was skeptical of her pregnancy, which is why Yvette was estranged from the legendary Scottie basketball player.

Scottie has also physically abused his wife, causing Yvette to divorce him. Despite Sierra’s mother’s divorce from her husband, Scottie’s parents understood Yvette’s anguish. Sierra spent the majority of her childhood at the home of her grandparents.

Meanwhile, Sierra Pippen’s mother filed a complaint against her husband, and he was arrested on domestic violence charges. Sierra Pippen may not have received her father’s love, but she has received the love of her mother and siblings.

Sierra Pippen completed her education in a private school and was set to graduate from the University of Iowa, but she did not do so. We didn’t know why she didn’t pass her graduation course, but it could have been due to her irresponsible behavior.

Siblings of Sierra Pippen

Sierra is the only child of Scottie and Yvette Pippen, but she has numerous stepbrothers and sisters from her father’s first and second wives. However, all of the siblings will maintain a positive relationship with Sierra Pippen.

Pippen, Antron: He was the Pippen family’s eldest sibling and a good basketball player like his father, but have you noticed the verb tense “was”? Yes, Antron died in 2020, but the cause of his death was kept secret for privacy reasons.

Tyler Pippen: He died after nine and a half days of life; he has a twin sister named Taylor Pippen. Taylor Pippen: She is very interested in volleyball and has a good chance of becoming a great volleyball player.

Preston Pippen is a great basketball player in the United States. Sophia Pippen is an aspiring model who is waiting for her big break in the movies. Wilhelmina Models has signed her.

Justin Pippen is a Sierra Canyon High School basketball player. Scotty Pippen Jr.: He participates in Vanderbilt University basketball games.
Scottie previously divorced his two wives and one fiancée (Sierra’s mother).

Scottie Pippen and Sierra Pippen

Scottie Pippen is a former NBA player who won six titles in 17 seasons. Scottie Pippen was the man responsible for turning the Chicago Bulls into a championship team, and he was blessed with exceptional athleticism; many people thought of him as a blessed boy with magical basketball skills.

Despite this, he has appeared in a number of films and documentaries. His professional life has been filled with triumphs and memorable moments, but his personal life has always been contentious. He mistreated his wives and friends, resulting in even more legal issues.

Sierra Pippen has been arrested

Sierra Pippen got into a heated argument with the Sheraton Inn hotel guards in 2015, which led to the fights. Sierra Pippen was warned by police officers about her bad behavior in public.

Meanwhile, the guards called the cops, but she was heavily intoxicated at the time. Nonetheless, they only warned her. She urinated in a public place while under the influence of alcohol two weeks later, and this time the police took her seriously and requested that her blood alcohol level be tested. She refused and called the cops racist, so she was arrested for one night and released the next day.

Sierra Pippen Salary

Sierra Pippen does not engage in any financial activity, but her bio states that she is an athlete, but there is no confirmation about her career. When his father was arrested for abusing her mother, she inherited some of his father’s property, and the court ordered Scottie to pay Sierra $5,000 per month.

Personal Life of Sierra Pippen

Sierra Pippen, 27, has been involved in a number of controversies but has never been involved in a love scandal. Furthermore, Sierra is currently single, but she may have had previous relationships; she has not provided official confirmation.

Physical Attributes

Sierra Pippen is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 55 kg, with an attractive body and attractive facial features. Did you find this article interesting? Please share your thoughts.

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