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Chen Moonves, a TV personality, news anchor, and CBS producer, and Leslies Moonves, a CBS executive, are Leslies Moonves’ parents.


American nine-year-old Charlie Moonves resides in the country. He is the talk of the town and has lately been in the headlines. The sole child of his parents, Charlie is a handsome young guy. Leslie Roy Moonves and Julie Suzanne Chen Moonves, a famous couple, had a son named Charlie in the year 220. On September 29th, he had a birthday celebration. Charlie has not yet had a biography added to Wikipedia. Early on, he gives the impression of being a bright, very diligent young guy.


Charlie Moonves is too young to begin a job; instead, he is right now focusing on his studies. However, the father of Charlie Moonves is an American media executive who ran CBS Corporation as its CEO and chairman from 2003 to 2018. He is the renowned Leslie Moonves’ son. Leslie has received several accusations of sexual assault and harassment.

When he joined a production firm that was controlled by Columbia Pictures in 1979, Les Moonves started his career in the movie business. Les departed in 1981 to work in the division of film and television development at 21st Century Fox. The actor was picked to lead Warner Bros. in 1993. He managed the creation of popular TV programs including “Friends” and “ER.” He departed Warner Bros. in 1995 to become the head of entertainment at CBS Television. In 1997, he was elevated to the position of president of CBS Television.

Julie Chen, the mother of Charlie Chen, is a CBS producer, news reporter, and former host of the CBS reality series Big Brother from July 2000 until the present. The Discussion, an eight-season CBS Daytime discussion program, was co-hosted and moderated by Julie Moonves, the mother of young Moonves.

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Charlie Moosnaves does not have a romantic relationship since he is too young to be interested in one. He hasn’t been in a relationship since his parents’ wedding in 1978. Charlie’s father, Leslie Moonves, was previously wed to Nancy Wiesenfeld before becoming married to Julie Chen.

After dating for a number of years, Les Moonves, his first wife Leslie, and his second wife Nancy were wed in front of their loved ones, friends, and television personalities. The couple has three children: Sara Moonves, born in 1984; two boys, Michael and Adam; and a daughter. Charlie doesn’t have any biological siblings, and in December 2004, his father and mother wed in secret in Acapulco, Mexico.

Body Measurement

Charlie has black hair, is 4 feet 5 inches tall, and has many physical characteristics with his mother Julie, who is of Chinese origin. About his additional physical traits, nothing is known.

Net Worth

Despite the fact that his father is a multimillionaire with a net worth of over $700 million as of 2020, Charlie Moonves is too young to receive compensation. Charlie’s parents received $60,000 a month to rent out their Beverly Hills home in 2018.