Kerly Galeth Moreira: Grilfriend, Career And Net Worth

Kerly Galeth Moreira became famous as the girlfriend of Newell’s Old Boys forward Djorkaeff Reasco. Reasco and Moreira have been dating a long time and are growing closer.

Reasco, Moreira’s partner, is an Ecuadorian native who started playing football with the LDU Quito squad. Reasco started playing for Newell’s Old Boys on February 10, 2022. Reasco plays forward for his current side and is known for doing so. His jersey number is 16. Let’s discuss about the football player’s girlfriend, Kerly Galeth Moreira, as people are curious in his dating life.

Kerly Galeth Moreira

Net Worth

There is no information available about Moreira, the famous boyfriend, about her line of work. We are unable to discuss her earnings for this reason. Similar to this, Moreira’s net worth is still being investigated because no media sources have reported on it.

Moreira once published something on Instagram that led us to believe that she is a scientist. Moreira looked to have graduated when she shared some pictures with her pals. We may infer that Moreira is earning a respectable sum of money if he has chosen to continue a career in the same industry.

A biologist makes an average salary of $58932, according to Payscale. Moreira may make in the same ballpark as her if she’s a scientist. We are unable to provide much details regarding her career earnings, though. In addition, she became well-known as the girlfriend of footballer Reasco, who leads a luxury lifestyle thanks to his large wealth.

Reasco is worth €700Th on the market, according Transfermrkt. Reasco got a transfer fee of €1.05m from his previous squad, according to the same Transfermrkt report. We might thus conclude that the professional player has a posh lifestyle.


Moreira and Reasco, the couple in love, have been dating for a while now. We were unable to discuss their relationship when it first started since the couple wishes to keep it hidden from the media.

Despite this, Moreira and Reasco enjoy traveling together. From this, it also becomes apparent that they are a fun-loving couple, and the pair travels together in their free time. Additionally, Moreira and her partner like sharing their special moments on their social media accounts.

Moreira’s lover is featured heavily on her Instagram feed. Additionally, the professional football player and his girlfriend exchange snaps. Viewing their adorable photos will allow you to better understand their wonderful friendship. Additionally, the charming pair could reveal more details about their love lives in the future.

Not to add, by following them both on Instagram, where they frequently post, we can stay up to speed on their lives.

Career & Profession

Moreira is a quiet person, as was previously said, and she has kept details about her work life out of the public eye. We discovered that she graduated with a degree in biology and may have pursued a job in the field by looking through her social media posts.

However, we are unable to discuss much about Moreira’s career owing to the dearth of facts. In terms of his professional football career, her partner has been playing for Newell’s Old Boys since since he committed to them on February 10, 2022.

Reasco had previously represented several teams. Reasco began his playing career with LDU Quito. He was also a member of the Clan Juvenil squad. Reasco played for LDU Quito from 2016 until 2022, appearing in 32 games and tallying 10 goals. Reasco played in 13 games for Dorados and netted 1 goal while on loan.

Reasco has furthermore represented Ecuador’s national squad on the field. He is capable of playing as a Left flank in addition to Center-Forward.

Information Regarding Moreira’s Age and Family History
Her full name is Kerly Galeth Moreira, but we don’t currently have access to details about her early years. Moreira posted pictures on her birthday back on February 13, 2021, and based on those photos, it can be deduced that she turned 22 years old. Moreira could suddenly be in the same ballpark as her lover.

There are no specifics on Moreira’s family history or parents because she has kept her private life private. Djorkaeff Neicer Reasco Gonzalez, her lover, was born on January 18, 1999 in Quito, Ecuador.

Not to note that Reasco is Neicer Reasco’s son. His father, Neicer, was a former defender for Ecuador in football. Neicer took part in the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany with the Ecuadorian national team. Reasco’s father is thought to have influenced him to take up this activity. The former French professional football player Youri Djorkaeff, who played as an offensive midfielder or striker, was the inspiration for the choice of his name.

Moreira’s Instagram

Moreira is a frequent user of Instagram, where we may follow her by searching for her account using the handle @krgalethm. Moreira has been using Instagram for a while, where she posts updates on her current way of life.

More than 4,000 individuals have followed Moreira as of the time of this writing. In addition, Djorkaeff Reasco often posts on Instagram under the handle @djorkaeff reasco. Reasco posts pictures of his different competitions and events on his Instagram.

Additionally, as he frequently publishes pictures of himself with his fiancée, we may learn more about his romantic life. There, he has over 71.3k followers, and his Instagram account has also been verified.


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