Comedian Chico Bean Wiki, Partner, Career and Net Worth  

The comedian with many skills comes from a very humble background and works hard to make a name for himself in a fast-paced business. Anthony Jamal Bean, also known as Chico Bean, was a young man who always wanted to make a difference in the world and leave his name for people to remember.

After seeing his uncles live on the streets and leave nothing but memories behind, he had this dream. The name “Chico” was given to the rapper by one of his uncles. Later, when he went into comedy, he used that name as his stage name. Find out the life history of the comedian in this article. Learn his wiki, age, relationships, family, career, net worth, and many more in the article below.

Facts Related to Chico Bean

Stage Name
Chico Bean
Real Name
Anthony Jamal Bean
February 20, 1987
Zodiac Sign
35 years
Washington, United States
Washington, Washington, United States

Who’s Chico Bean?

Chico Bean is a well-known singer, rapper, producer, and actor from the United States. He is a stand-up comedian known as Chico Bean. His MTV shows Wild ‘N Out and Guy Court got him a lot of attention. Also, Chico is responsible for up to a quarter of the Freestyle Funny Comedy Show.

In the beginning of his career, he opened for comedian Chris Wiles. He was one of the three people who started the “Freestyle Funny Comedy Show,” along with B-Daht and Darren Brand. He is a comedian, singer, writer, rapper, actor, producer, and one of the people who started the “Freestyle Funny Comedy Show,” which is a traveling comedy show. Bean has been proactive with mutifaceted career in every field.

Chico Bean’s Early life

Chico Bean was born in Washington, DC, on February 20, 1987. When he was only two years old, his father was killed on the streets of Washington, DC. His mother had to go through a lot of trouble to raise him on her own.

Chico started his career as a comedian in Greensboro, North Carolina. He liked to make people laugh, so this was a good choice for him. Nick Cannon found him at the Fresh Faces of Comedy Stand-Up show. This was the start of his rise to fame. He shortly rised to fame with his dedication and hard work he has  put in what he did.

Chico Bean’s Job

Chico Bean is a writer and actor who is known for The Dirty 3rd: Next Generation (2022), BET Hip-Hop Awards (2020), and Wild ‘N Out (2005). In 2007, Chico Bean was living in Greensboro, North Carolina, where he began his career as a comedian.

His comedy career took a big turn when he and fellow comedians Darren Brand and B-Daht started a show called “Freestyle Funny Comedy Show.” Then, he and his two friends started doing stand-up comedy at comedy clubs, universities, and colleges. Later, he tried out for the “Fresh Faces of Comedy Stand-Up Show” with Nick Cannon.

Chico wasn’t able to do a good job during his audition, but Nick Cannon helped him out by telling him that he was a good comedian. In the end, he was chosen for the fifth season of the MTV show “Wild ‘N Out,” where he became a huge star and one of the most important cast members.

Later, Chico got a lot of praise for his fights with the rapper Safaree in a Wildstyle and with another cast member, Karlous Miller, in a Sucka MC Battle. He haa been constantly working hard on what he loved to do that is why he was able to achieve so much in his career. He still has a lot on his plate as he is still active in the field.

About Chico Bean’s life

Chico Bean is still single. Chico from Wild N Out likes to keep his personal life private, so there is no information about who he dates. So, no one knows if he is married or not. Some sources say that the American rapper and comedian Chico Bean has been in at least one relationship before. There is no information available about his ex-gilfriend as he has kept his dating history very private.

Chico and his ex-girlfriend are no longer together, but they have a child together. Bean is very proud of his lovely daughter Pierce Chanel. Chico also likes to show how much she loves her daughter by posting pictures of her often on social media. There are no details about his daughter’s birthday right now. He however shares very sweet and adorable relationship with his daughter and the two seem quite close.

Chico Bean’s Money

Chico Bean is worth $1 million dollars. As of 2022, Chico Bean’s net worth is thought to be about $4 million US. He is widely known as one of the best comedic actors in the country. Chico Bean makes more than $45,000 a month. He makes most of his money from TV shows and movies, and he made a lot of money from the show. Chico Bean makes more than $300,000 a year.

Besides that, he also makes a lot of money from brand endorsements, TV commercials, and other paid promotions. Since he was on the MTV show “Wild ‘N Out,” his net worth keeps going up. He is involved in multiple roles earning him a lot of money. His net worth is in definite rise with all the roles he has been intaking. The estimated net worth will definitely be more than this in few years.

Physical Qualities

Fans of Chico Beans love to hear about their favorite celebrities’ health. A celebrity’s hairstyle, makeup, height, weight, and even the color of their eyes can set a trend. Chico is 5 feet, 9 inches tall. In kilograms, he weighs 90 kg, and in pounds, he weighs 198 lbs. Weight is a value that always changes. He also wears a hat or mavin a lot to hide his bald head.

He has a well-maintained his health despite the physique. He is always well dressed and looks handsome in every attilre he flaunts in the public.

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