Claire Wire; Age, Career & Net Worth

Claire Wire is the wife of a television personality, correspondent, and former NFL player. Claire Wire is an American businesswoman who rose to prominence following her marriage to Coy Wire.

Full Name Claire Wire
Country America
Marital Status married
Husband coy wire
Eye Color dark brown
Hair Color light brown
Nationality American
Ethnicity mixed


Claire Wire’s precise birth date is still unclear. On the other side, Coy Wire was born on November 7, 1978. Rick Wire is Claire’s father-in-law, and Jane Wire is her mother-in-law. According to her nationality, she is an American of mixed ethnic ancestry.

There is no information on her schooling, childhood, or parents, yet she seems to be highly educated. Her husband, Coy, also attended Cedar Cliff High School. In Stanford, California, he received his BA from Stanford University.

Claire Wire

Body Measurement

Claire has dark brown eyes and light brown hair. Her bodily measurements, including height, weight, shoe size, and waist size, are unknown.


Claire Wire is a business owner from the United States. She came to popularity after marrying former NFL player Coy Wire, and as a consequence, there is little information about her career. She has a home design and remodeling firm. However, information about her professional history is still scarce. Her husband, Coy Wire, on the other hand, has a successful job. He is a former National Football League player and former television anchor in the United States. Coy joined CNN Sports as a full-time anchor and writer in 2015.

Coy wire signed a deal with the Buffalo Bills in 2002. He appeared in 15 games as a rookie. He later joined the special teams on a full-time basis. He was appointed team captain in 2005. He also called the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, as well as the College Football Playoff semi-finals and National Championship games.

 Net Worth

Claire Wire is a business owner. As a result of her employment, her net worth might be in the millions. However, the actual profit is uncertain and being calculated. She may be able to make a decent livelihood from her professional work. Her spouse, on the other hand, is believed to be worth $10 million as of 2022. In addition, he makes nearly $250,000 as a CNN journalist.

However, the national average salary for Coy Wire is about $38 thousand. As a consequence of his NFL career, he has accumulated a sizable wealth. And he was one of the NFL’s highest-paid linebackers/safeties. According to, he made more than $1.7 million dollars during his two-year deal in 2011-2012, including his $50,000 signing bonus and an annual salary of over $845 thousand dollars. As a result, she has surely had a very nice and extravagant life.

Claire Wire


Prior to their marriage, they were merely close friends. They started dating and were in a love relationship after that. She unexpectedly accepted Coy’s proposal, and the pair got engaged. The pair then exchanged wedding vows in 2009. They dated for a long time before getting married. Following their marriage, they had a daughter called Wrenn Wire in early May 2018 after an 18-hour labor. Following that, his spouse Coy announced the good news on Twitter with the sweet message,

The family has relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. The couple and their family have had a good marriage. They have also been posting their pleasure on social media. Furthermore, they coexist harmoniously and there are no rumors of a divorce. Claire wire has managed to live her life without incident. Similarly, her husband coy wire has had a peaceful life, inflicting no harm to anybody. Their divorce and extramarital affairs have not been discussed.