Antonella Roccuzzo Bio, Net Worth , Lionel Messi, Birthday, Height, Parents, & Career

Antonella Roccuzzo, who was born in Argentina, is better at keeping herself out of the spotlight in her own way. She, unlike many others, devotes all of her attention to her husband, Lionel Messi.

Roccuzzo Antonella’s Biography

Antonella Roccuzzo, 31, is an Argentinean age who was born on February 26, 1988. Jose Roccuzzo and Patricia Blanko raised her as their only child. Jose, her father, was a businessman, and Patricia, her mother, was a stay-at-home mom. Antonella Roccuzzo grew raised in Rosario, Argentina, with her two sisters, Paula Roccuzzo and Carla Roccuzzo.

When it comes to her education, the 5 feet 2 inch (1.57 meter) tall model received her basic education from one of Rosario’s local high schools. She eventually enrolled at the University of Argentian to pursue her dream of becoming a dentist by studying odontology. Antonella went on to study Social Communications after starting university with the goal of improving her social media skills. She gave up her childhood aspiration of becoming a dentist in the process.

Antonella Roccuzzo

Antonella Roccuzzo’s  Career and Net Worth

Antonella Roccuzzo is well-known as a businesswoman in addition to being the wife of a great footballer. Ricky Sarkany, a well-known footwear designer, is a partner in her business. Antonella also has a business partnership with Sofia, who is the wife of Uruguayan footballer Luis Suarez. They are the owners of a footwear company with a store in Barcelona. The brand also sells fine accessories such as perfumes and has earned the respect of curious customers.

The diva has amassed considerable riches as a result of her professional career and endorsements. Antonella’s net worth is estimated to be in the $20 million range. Besides, she benefits from her footballer husband’s astronomical net worth, which hovers around $400 million.

Antonella Roccuzzo’s Married Life

In 2008, Antonella Roccuzzo met her future husband, Lionel Messi, a famous Argentine football star. Because Antonella is Lionel’s closest friend’s cousin, the two had known each other since Lionel was five years old. Following that, the couple chose to cement their emotional bond by getting engaged in a secret ceremony in 2010.

Antonella and her boyfriend had a son named Thiago Messi on November 2, 2012, two years later. In addition, on September 11, 2015, the couple welcomed another son, Mateo Messi. Following that, on June 30, 2017, Antonella married Messi in the City Centre Hotel and Casino in Rosario, Argentina. On March 10, 2018, the couple welcomed another kid into their family, a son named Ciro Messi, after their happy marriage.